The HMB Surf Club Introduction

Welcome to the Half Moon Bay Surf Club. If you're here, you're probably trying to find out a little bit more about the Half Moon Bay Surf Club.


The HMB Surf Club is an affiliate of the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside. The Club welcomes all particpants that wish to come out and enojoy the water, you don't have to compete on the team to be a member of the Surf Club.

  • Founded in HMB in 2009
  • All participants have an annual $130 membership fee payable to the  Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside and need to complete the B&G Club of the Coastside application Form.
  • San Mateo Coastside  kids in grades 6th through 12th are eligible.
  • To join please contact the Middle Shool or High School Surf Club Coach.
  • We encourage kids  to surf, to work hard in school, and to develop a greater respect for the ocean and those we share it with.
  • Club Members get discounts at some local shops.
  • The team will compete in the 2016/17 with the SCSSL.

The HMB Surf Club was created to serve multiples purposes:

  • Manage the HMB Middle & High School Surf Clubs.  This club will be open to students at both the Cunha Middle School, HMB High School and Sea Crest School.  Club members  who wish to, may compete in the Santa Cruz Schoolsasitc Surf League  competitions in Santa Cruz. If you wish to compete you will need to fillout the Santa Cruz Core Scholastic Surf League forms links are here.
  • Make financial decisions related to the the surf club and team.  This includes decisions about club fees, equipment purchase, etc..
  • Manage fundraising efforts for both the middle school and high school surf clubs.  The annual Luau Fundraiser as well as other potential events will support both groups.

The Half Moon Bay High School and the Middle School Surf Club and Surf Team will operate independently as it has in the past.  They will continue to own and operate their surf trailer, surf equipment, etc..  They will come to the HMB Surf Club to request money as part of their budgeting process.


Oliver Keeton , President of the Board

Matt King, Vice President of the Board


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