HIGH SCHOOL RESULTS: April 18, 2021 @ Steamer Lane

Sunday’s Comp at The Lane in Santa Cruz saw some beautiful shoulder to head high sets all day. Our HMB High Team scored some solid performances and represented us well.

We had the task of taking on Santa Cruz’s very own local team at their home break, which was hard work. For that I want to congratulate you all on doing your best. That being said, we were not able to defeat the Goliath Santa Cruz team this time in team points.

However, there were some great moments in your surfing lives as you all got to surf The Lane with only a handful of other surfers in the water, which is quite an honor. there were good waves had by all.

I’d like to mention some honorable performances by Dayton for making it to the semis in shortboard with some solid and fast power surfing, and to Jack for his longboard charging which brought him all of the way up the ranks to the longboard semifinal.

Congratulations for Dedon who represented us all the way to the shortboard final, and to Zoe for her podium 3rd place finish in women’s shortboard.

It was a great day and I’m proud of all of you for showing up and trying your best. Let’s keep the focus and practice hard for our last comp of the season two weeks out.

Thank you,

Coach Jason

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