Half Moon Bay Middle School Surf Team competed at Steamer Lane for the second time this season in epic 3-5 foot conditions, with larger sets reaching 7 feet. HMB had a bye week, allowing all team members to participate in an inter-squad 1st round.

The 1st round saw dominate performances by Bordy Obrien and Phoenix Lopez-Mustille, as they each took 1st in both their shortboard and longboard heats, advancing to the next round. Shane McGuirk, Vaughn Taner, Gabriel Ober, Elias Smith and Connor Brown also advance to the quarterfinals in boys shortboard. Tavian and Vaughn advanced with Bordy in boys longboard.

On the girls side of the draw, Shea Lovato advanced with Phoenix in girls shortboard. Phoenix, Lola Gray and Shea advanced in girls longboard.

Conditions remained good to epic throughout the day as Elias Smith advanced to the semi-finals in boys shortboard and Phoenix Lopez-Mustille continued her amazing run all the way to the finals in girls longboard, where she scratched her way down the face of a looming 7 foot set wave off the point and rode it expertly over 500 yards through the indicator section at the buzzer on what many spectators were calling the “wave of the day”. Phoenix finished 5th in the finals.

Great hanging with you all, see you next contest!

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