SIGNUPS FOR THE 2023/2024 Surf Team Season

SIGNUP CLOSE DATE:  August 27, 2023

Please note that fee's have increased as our costs have significantly increased (for example, league fee's doubled).  We are a non-profit and only charge fee's to cover the costs of running the program.

For the 2023/2024 Season, we will be offering 3 different team/club options.  Sign up for the team you are interested in and for which you are qualified.  If we have to make a change we will adjust fees accordingly.  The Surf Teams seasons will run September through February, we will attempt to hold at least 1 practice per week + 6 contests.  Surf Club will run September through Mid December and hold 1 practice per week (on the weekend).  Practices and Contests subject to change or cancellation due to unsafe ocean conditions.

  • High School Competitive Surf Team ($500).  Must be able to catch & surf a minimum of 3 waves in 15 minutes, do 3 or more maneuvers on the open face of a wave and paddle out in 5' surf without bailing board  (grades 9-12)
  • Middle School Competitive Surf Team ($500).  Must be able to catch & surf a minimum of 2 waves in 15 minutes, do 1 or more maneuvers on the open face of a wave and paddle out in 3' surf without bailing board  (grades 6-8)
  • Surf Club ($350).  Beginner Surfers and/or Recreational Surfers who are not interested in competing that have successfully completed a Junior Lifeguard program and/or reputable surf camp

(limited # of scholarships available for those who need financial assistance, email

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Our mission

The mission of the Half Moon Bay Surf Team is to create a safe, fun, fulfilling experience for surfers of all abilities and their family members.
Whether surfing for our competitive High School or Middle School Team, or with our non-competitive Surf Club, our founding principal is to create a shared positive experience for all involved.



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2022-2023 surfer of the year


Outgoing Senior Sam Weatherly was selected as the 2022-2023 HMB Surf Team Surfer of the Year. Sam's commitment to the team through middle school and high school combined with the fact that he charges and always sends it made him a natural selection for this year's honor. Sam has been involved with the HMB Surf Club for many years and has always had a positive attitude and quiet confidence.

Congrats, Sam! We'll miss you next year.

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